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    How can Foreign Nationals purchase property in T.R.N.C.

    by admin on December 20, 2019
    How can Foreign Nationals purchase property in T.R.N.C.
    • Foreign nationals can only take title to immovable property which equals to 1 plot of land and/or 1 donum of land and/or 1 house.
    • In order to purchase more than one immovable property and/or one house and/or a property over 1 donum in area, it is necessary to use trustees or set up a company in T.R.N.C.
    • Construction permit license should be acquired for constructing a building and/or house on the immovable property.
    • The immovable property to be purchased should be free of any mortgages/charges or impediments.
    • The Vendor (Seller) should be the registered true freehold owner of the property.
    • The Contract of Sale should be registered at the Land Registry within 21 days from the signature date.
    • In order to register the immovable property under Foreign National’s name, application for permit to purchase property must be submitted to T.R.N.C. Council or Ministers and the permit must be granted by the Council of Ministers.
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